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In 2008, at age 30 ,James Mworia was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Centum becoming the youngest CEO of a publicly listed company in the region. Under his leadership, an extremely ambitious Centum 2.0 strategy was immediately put together to grow the Assets Under Management (AUMs) fivefold. During the first eight years of his tenure, Centum increased its asset base from Kes 6Bn ($69mn) to approximately Kes 61Bn ($610mn) while the share price grew eight fold, from Kes 5/share to the Kes 40/share, creating extraordinary returns for shareholders.

On the back of this remarkable success, James Mworia is now widely celebrated across the globe and has received numerous accolades locally, regionally and internationally. One of the major contributing factors to that success was an ingenious decision to unpackage the portfolio into three distinct business lines: real estate, private equity and quoted private equity (public markets). The decision was inspired by a strong desire to have sharp focus in optimizing value along these three business lines and in the process, nurture specialized skills and unique track records for each business unit. These business units have since devolved into independent subsidiaries and the QPE team, now housed within Nabo Capital, was the first to spin off into a fully fledged fund management company licensed by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA).

From just one company in 2009, Centum is now a holding company with more than 30 subdiaries spread across eight sectors.