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nabo capital limited is spun out of centum

The Quoted Private Equity(QPE) business line was inspired by an observation; “If one excludes the 5 most liquid counters in any African stock exchange(excludingSA),one is left with a relatively “illiquid” asset class that is mostly under – researched and below – the – radar of most investors”. Given our rich history of Private Equity expertise in Africa, in 2009 we set aside a Kes2.3Bn($26mn) proprietary fund and christened it “Quoted Private Equity” portfolio.

The strategy was to leverage on our private equity expertise to identify and seize significant minority stakes in securities in listed space that were under-researched, below-the-radar and had significant potential for growth across the various African stockexchanges. More importantly, we desired
exposure to the fastest growing economies in Africa and hence the exclusion of South Africa.

Up until 2013, the strategy had paid-off handsomely throughout performing benchmarks by a healthy spread, which led to requests from external parties to leverage on our in-house expertise to replicate the QPE portfolio and track record. That triggered the 2013 spin-off of the QPE team led by Pius Muchiri and hence the emergence of Nabo Capital, now an independent fully-fledged and licensed fund manager.

Nabo Capital has rapidly grown since its inception and now manages over Kes13Bn ($130mn) in AUMs. Our clients appreciate our position as a Boots-on-the-Ground Investment Manager, our specialization exemplified by a solid track record of investing in Africa, and our unique investment philosophy that is heavily informed by a rich Private Equity heritage. We draw our clients from some of the largest sovereign wealth funds, fund of funds, African multinationals, insurance and investment companies.

Nabo is a Maasai word meaning Number One, reflective of the company’s aspiration to be the leading Fund Manager in Africa.