Generate stable long term growth

The Fund generates stable capital growth over the medium to long term. Under this fund, we invest in a diversified range of fixed income securities across Africa

We aim to preserve capital through all market cycles while providing liquidity, hence we minimize volatility by using a multi-sector approach across various geographies.

We recommend a minimum investment horizon of 1 year for your capital to experience optimal return impact

Growth of hypothetical USD $1,000 investment since inception ( – 1.5%)


Units Class Minimum Initial Subscription Amount Minimum Subsequent Subscription Amount Minimum Holding Amount
A > usd 1,000,000 usd 10,000 usd 1,000,000
b USD 500,001 – 1,000,000 usd 10,000 usd 500,000
c USD 250,001 – 500,000 usd 5,000 usd 250,000
d USD 10,000 – 250,000 usd 1,000 usd 10,000

Fees and Expenses

Units Class Initial Charge Annual Management and Advisory Fee Redemption Charge
Nabo Capital African Bond Fund A 1.00% 2.00% Nil
Nabo Capital African Bond Fund B 1.25% 2.25% 0.25%
Nabo Capital African Bond Fund C 1.50% 2.50% 0.25%
Nabo Capital African Bond Fund D 2.00% 2.75% 0.25%

Performance Fees: