Customer Experience is the fulcrum of the Nabo’s Strategy, an approach that seeks to link our day-to-day activities in the office to Customer satisfaction. Let’s be honest, we are here because of the client, we need the client more than they need us; of course, our very much needed expertise not withstanding!

A great Customer Experience is a journey, that begins when the client is made aware of the existence of a brand. Again, how it is presented to them really determines if they will look at your offer twice. Often, they ask themselves questions like “what’s in it for me?”, “Is this what I’m really looking for?”, “What’s the catch?” “What alternatives do I have?”. All these questions should inform how you structure your products and how you market them to your target clients.


You win the client’s attention and boom! You are now in a relationship with them. The journey of pleasing the and retaining them has just began. In any journey, there are many players to ensuring you get to your destination safely. Let’s put this into perspective, whenever you are traveling, say you are taking a flight , there is the booking agent/office, who gives you the available flights, times and seats to choose from, and a payment option that works best for you. On your day of travel, there is a security team and Airport attendants who ensure you get to the right plane, with the right people and of course not jeopardizing the security of the other travellers. Then comes the flight attendants who ensure your comfort throughout the journey. How can we forget the entertainment offered during the flight in form of magazines, movies on the screens? Finally, the Captain/Pilot to take you to your destination. I bet you are already counting how many people are involved in making your travel a success, what, 5…8….10 maybe? However much, they all have unique roles to play, and are all crucial in your journey. Let’s bring it back home, back to the journey we began with our clients who got interested with our products, they need a booking agent – the Financial Advisor, The security team/ airport attendants – Our Operations, Flight attendants – Customer Experience Team, the entertainers – Marketing team, and finally the pilot – Our Investments team. If any of the drops the ball, then the journey may not be a success.

If everybody in the organisation can see how they contribute to the experience of the customer, then we successfully create a greater sense of collaboration and collective responsibility in delivering on common business goals, resulting in a unified customer experience and commitment to improving customer outcomes. This alignment gives the team members a sense of belonging; we are working towards a common goal, so I win, my team wing, I lose my team loses. Who doesn’t want to be part of a winning team?

This focus on the Customers’ experience has broken the “silo mentality” within our organization. This mentality is not always a matter of clashing egos, it reflects a very narrow vision. You only think about your “small wins” and not the bigger win of the organization. It damages the corporate culture, and ultimately the brand you have been building over years. At Nabo, with Exceptional Customer Experience at the top of our Vision Board, we have seen teams coming out of their silos, and collaborating more with other teams, to complement their skills, to ensure we don’t break the links of the customer journey.

A focus on the client has helped us mould our culture into something that will be a force to reckon with in the market sooner than later. Attitudes are difficult to change, especially when self-interest is at stake. A writer for salesforce.com suggests that the keys to dismantling silos are cooperation, communication, and collaboration.

At Nabo, we have adopted the following to help us build a customer-centric culture:

  • We set a unified vision that is shared across departments to encourage collaborative sharing of information; Exceptional Client & Staff Satisfaction
  • We Adopted company-wide software that records and tracks all our engagements with clients and other stakeholders. All employees have access to it.
  • We hold regular interdepartmental meetings every Monday Morning to discuss Client Status and Staff Status. This meeting has helped us to get to know and respect each other.
  • We have rolled out a compensation structure that Links employee compensation to contribution towards company-wide goals; we all co-own the clients.

It was evident that the company needed to allocate a full-time resource to manage all the above, yes, that is how I landed my job, that is pretty new in the market- only companies that have “seen the light” have gone this direction. It is a job I find challenging, and very rewarding, always looking forward to coming to work every day!

Thank you for the opportunity to be at the centre of Nabo’s strategy!

by Maureen Tele

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