Damitha is an investment specialist with nearly a decade of experience as an investment professional acquired in multiple sectors across African, Asian, European and North American capital markets. Prior to joining Nabo Capital Damitha was Chief Investment Officer at an US hedge fund, the firm generated excess returns of 860% over his three-year tenure at the helm of the fund. Damitha’ s professional experience is unique in that he has worked as both as an asset manager and an allocator. In his role as an allocator Damitha managed $600 million in assets. Having sat on both sides of the aisle he is acutely aware of the paint points of allocators and investors face. Consequently, he is not simply focused on client returns but the entire investment experience. Damitha is also passionate about mentoring young entrepreneurs on how to leverage capital markets to grow their businesses. He is considered a thought leader on public markets and his commentaries have been featured on Forbes, Reuters, and leading national publications. Damitha graduated from Duke University with a Master of Business Administration in 2016