What do the richest people in the world have in common?
They all have a healthy dose of recurring PASSIVE INCOME. Passive income is the money that checks into your bank account whether you show up at work or not. For example, dividends, interest and rental income.
According to a survey by Wealth-X In 2013, Warren Buffet was earning more than $1.5 million every hour, even when he was sleeping. A bunch of other billionaires, especially from the tech industry, were clocking in over a million-dollars per hour, too, in 2013.
And guess what do the rest of us have in common? We depend on ACTIVE INCOME – money that checks into your bank account only when you show up at work and this also applies to the business people who consider themselves self-employed.
When I joined Centum in 2004 as an accountant, one of my first assignments was to write dividend cheques and there was one cheque that really stood out for me -a cheque of Kes 58 million to Dr Kirubi. I found it so profound that he could spend a million shilling every week and still be left with change at the end of the year. Last year, that dividend cheque had grown to a whooping Kes 240 million, implying that he could now afford to spend Kes 1 million almost every working day of the year, without necessarily showing up at the office! And indeed, the last two years have been some of the most difficult years for him, health wise. This is indeed a powerful illustration of the power of PASSIVE INCOME!
As one of my clients once put it, passive income is the sweetest income of them all!

How does one build passive income?
Last year, I was hosting Dr. Kirubi on our YouTube Channel “Invest In Africa” and curiously asked the question when he started investing in Centum and the answer shocked me, 1970s! That is, almost 50 years ago! Clearly, building passive income is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a long journey, that is riddled with a disciplined philosophy of choosing investments that have one most important trait – STRONG PREDICTABLE CASHFLOWS over a long period of time.
Many of who have broken this simple principal of investing have ended up being ASSET RICH & CASH POOR.

How can WE at Nabo Capital Help you to boost your passive income?
Nabo Capital is a 3rd generation investment firm, 100% owned by Centum, which was formed with the sole aim of helping individuals replicate the remarkable successes that we’ve had over the last 52 years and counting.
If you are serious about starting to build your passive income, I strongly recommend you do two things:
1.First, open a Money Market Account
There is a lot of money earning zero or almost nothing in our bank accounts. The objective of this product is to ensure that your money never lies idle.
• It the most underrated investment product I know
• It is highly regulated and safer than a typical bank account
• It generates higher return than a typical bank account -today 9.73%pa
• It is highly liquid; you can redeem your money plus interest within 24-48 hours of notice
• It can be tailored to give you recurrent cash flows. For example, Kes 1 million investment will give you Kes 6,000 every month while Kes 18 million will earn you Kes 121,000 per month.
• It is stress free -money works for you

2.Start building a LIFESTYLE portfolio
Even the most successful business can be disrupted. Remember KODAK? The objective of this portfolio is to completely delink your family and loved ones from the turbulence that is associated with our businesses and employment today.
• It is highly tailored to distribute regular monthly cash flows to you and your family to meet your monthly lifestyle expenses such as food, rent, shopping, clothing, etc
• Even in your absence, your family will never go hungry!
• It is the first significant step towards to achieving true financial freedom
• It completely sorts your life after retirement. You do not have to depend on your pension, which in most cases is   never enough
• You go to work because you love it, not because you have to pay bills
• It is stress free -money works for you. For example, we have a client who earns Kes 160,000 every month from their Kes 18 million investment.

Now you know the secret to achieving true financial freedom. Start your journey to financial freedom by opening an investment account with Nabo Capital and you will never regret.
Jack Welch once said “Cash is King. Get every drop of cash you can get and hold onto it.”

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